Puffin 5 Toothbrush Holder with Toothpaste Dispenser (pink)

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Puffin 5 Toothbrush Holder with Toothpaste Dispenser (pink)

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Eco-friendly-This Toothpaste Dispenser and Toothpaste Squeezer Kit is made from Eco-friendly silicone, harmless to toothpaste tube, Dust proof toothbrushes holder with flip cover design, Anti-bacterial and Easy to clean.


The toothbrush holder should be installed on smooth tiles walls or mirrors instead of rough stucco walls The product requirements must be installed on flat and smooth walls and mirrors, and to ensure that walls, mirrors and stickers are dry. Avoid oil stains and water stains on the wall Clean the walls before installation, and keep the walls and stickers dry (preferably blow the wall with a blower) Press the sticker for 2 to 3 minutes with your hand during installation. And it must be used after 24 hours of installation. For the first time using automatic toothpaste, you need to squeeze 3-5 times to expel the toothpaste after the air is discharged. If you can not squeeze the toothpaste, squeeze the toothpaste shell manually until there is toothpaste spilled at the toothpaste's toothpaste outlet.