Puffin 240L Garbage Bucket Dustbin with Lid and Strong Wheels

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Puffin 240L Garbage Bucket Dustbin with Lid and Strong Wheels

Regular Price: Rs. 10,599.00

Special Price Rs. 6,880.00

Material: Plastic, Color: Green
Volume: 240 Litres
Special Features: Specialty of this dustbin is wheel and Iron rod attached to wheels are detachable and can be purchased separately if damaged in future.
Strong lid with smooth curved upper surface for perfect fit to ensure preventing unwanted smells to escape and rain water to seep through specially designed bottom for minimizing the breakage. It can easily move with wheels even with full of garbage
Package Content: 1 Dustbin


Product description Body is made from shock absorbent high-destiny UV stabilized polyethylene to avoid degradation due to ultra violet radiation. It has good resistance to common chemicals & acids and withstand in low and high temperature. Wheel Waste Bin offered provide for suitable support for easy and convenient transportation of waste from workstation to the main garbage area. We make these bins available in volume capacities with durable castor wheel support for easy movement. Some of its features include providing for convenient usage value, cover support for maintaining hygiene levels in the surroundings, providing suitable support for dust collection and disposal, choice of other size options to pick from.