Puffin Hygiene Air and Oil Purifier and Humidifier Revitalize Eco-Friendly Aroma with LED

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Puffin Hygiene Air and Oil Purifier and Humidifier Revitalize Eco-Friendly Aroma with LED
Rs. 1,899.00
Coverage area: 800 sq. ft., suitable for bedroom / living room (medium) / office conference room
An environment friendly purification method, aroma is spread quietly and effectively through an inbuilt fan.
Neutralizes stale and foul odour rapidly and supplies fresh air. Extremely silent operation.
purify air by water-wash technology, completely natural.add drips of fragrant oil and make you enjoy natural forest air with continuous freshening berthing fragrance..
remove in door dudts, odors and inhibits virus. ready to work 24-hours a day.


Puffin fresh globe user instruction: Features – air purifying and humidifying capabilities. Low electricity consumption, 13W. Suction of large volume of contaminates air in a short period of time. Fast and efficient air purification. Equip with led lighting for decoration and night light purposes. Great benefit for people suffering from asthma, allergies and prevent respiratory tract infections. Insect repellent capable when used with selected hydro-essential oil. Important – place the fresh air globe on a secure and level area. do not use essential product. Only add 4-6 drops of hydro-essential oil after the container filled up to adequate water level. Hydro-essential not included. Unplug the fresh air globe when remove the top cover. Do not fill the “mex” watermark. Maintain the level within the “mex” And “min” watermark while operation. Water should be changed daily. Cleaning – use only damp cloth clean. Does not use any chemical or detergent clean the product. Never clean the water container in a dishwasher. Never plug the appliance in unit it dries thoroughly. To Operation – unpack the fresh air globe and remove the top cover. Fill the container with tap water or distilled water between the “MIN” and “MAX” watermark. Be careful the filling the container, do no get wet the top cover. Replace the top cover to the container and make sure is sited properly. Plug the power cord into a standard 220v AC 50/60HZ outlet. Turn on the unit by switching the “ON/OFF” switch to the “I” position. Turn on the LED light by switching the “ON/OFF” switch to the “ON” position and switch “OFF” position. Turn off unit by switching the “ speed controller “ switch to the “O” position when not in use. Technical specification - rated voltage 220V AC 50/60Hz. power consumption 13W. working temperature O-50 . are cover 800sq. ft.